2 Stroke Tuning Services

One of the best, competition winner 2 stroke tuner, Lambrettas, RD350 YPVS (with 521cc kits)! Let us not forget my latest passion, supporting a hydroplane racing team providing engine maintenance & tuning along with pit support! Hey, we managed a first place trophy winners on 20th June 2019.

 Full tuning with Dyno, porting, jetting, custom exhausts and carb upgrades – We can lift your Lambretta power over 40BHP at rear wheel!!

Beware all tune ups come with a risk – more BHP+ more stress on the engine, we take great care with our builds and component selection to ensure best reliability. We can supply top end components that are synergised with other parts to give a huge boost to performance – don’t forget regular servicing and oil changes will offer increased engine life. However, it is not uncommon for highly tuned engines to go bang, if mistreated. We do offer a recovery service if you are local to our workshop!

Dyno Event

Come see us at the Big 7 National Scooter Rallye, and have a free Dyno speed test run.

Speed Boat Racing Team

1st place WIN for speed boat racing in Outlon Broad 20th June 2019 – that’s me on the left with Daniel Drake racing driver.

In July we plan to enter the 2019 World Champioship series in Sweden, check back for our progress! Wish us luck!

My Bike.

200cc with GT200 out of box kit with 60mm x 110mm crank, 30mm Dellorto carburetor and modified TSR Evo pipe.

Top speed over 80mph – GREAT FUN 🙂



We can restore youre vehicle or obtain a lambretta, vespa or any other two wheeled vehicle to suit youre budget

Original pre-loved spares

For many years ive been collecting Lambretta and Zundapp Bellas to which i have a good stock of parts new old stock or good quality original spares


We can tune youre cylinder or provide cylinders to be worked at competative rates price on application


I can tune most cylinders to give desired performance, i would prefer the engine or scooter to work with as its about optimising all componenets to work together

Yamaha RD350YPVS tuning

This is a new venture for my personal scooter that will run a 521 stroker kit, i can tune most two strokes or build race engines to homologation

Dyno Tuning

We operate 2 dyno’s, an inertia type with 500kg roller for development with power curves and a rolling road type thats braked and replicates road conditions for setting up fuelling

Carb Jetting

By using the rolling road dyno  i can jet youre scooter safely, i can open it up and then cruise at 1/4 throttle on this equipment ensuring youre jetting is correct when under load

Ignition & Timing

We can check igninition is functioning correctly and adjust to suit youre engine acoordingly. we can set up variable ignitions to give the best performance

Gearbox Refurbs

Originally an approved installer of the cyclone 5 speed gearboxes, we can supply and fit any gearbox close ratio or 5 speed and have a vast amount of all shim sizes to get it to the closest tolerances

Racing Boat 2 Stroke Tuning

In 2017 i was looking after a GRM 125 and 175 engine through the season, we did win the National Hydroplane championship.

This year ive built a Yamato 302 for OSY 400 Hydroplane class and were doing very well in the club championship with wins each week coming 1st to 3rd overall most weeks.

Get Dyno Run At Big 7 Scooter Event


How much BHP can you get out of my YPVS ?

Top end kit with 521cc should be 110bhp if all goes well, hopefully a little more! Watch this space…….

Can you restore my bike back to showroom condition?

Certainly we can do – the quality of refurb is based on project budget – be warned its not cheap!

Can you supply new tyres?

We will soon launch an online tyre shop for UK customers. Please email us and we will let you know when our new shop opens.

 Do you have a question or wish to book an event please contact us.

 call: 07947 822 766

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